Welcome to ProTech Computers!


Be sure to visit our Jackson, Michigan store at 1524 Horton Road – on the NW corner of Horton Road and Weatherwax Drive! The store carries a wide selection of new and used computer parts (both desktop and notebook), cables and accessories, as well as new and refurbished systems & notebooks, monitors/displays and some software. Our services include Limited On-Site and Full-Service Carry-In (Pick-up/Delivery  Service Available) for desktop and laptop computers where we fix just about anything that ails your PC. Other services include on-site standard & wireless networking and internet connection repair as available.

New Computers with Windows 7 sold here!
There’s no need to settle for a completely redesigned User Interface like the ones in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. We’re committed to providing you with options in your operating system. We can custom-build you the desktop of your dreams with Windows 7 at prices you’ll appreciate! We also have several new laptop models with Windows 7 on them, too! Microsoft will continue to support Windows 7 with updates and patches until 2020, so it’s got a lot of good life left in it!


All New Windows 10 Computers are here!
Windows 10 is different and exciting and for those looking to give it a try, be sure to check us out! Custom Towers and notebooks with Windows 10 are available now!

Have the Best of Both Worlds: New Dual-Boot Windows 7 & 10 Computers are optional!
At ProTech, we love to give folks options!  Can’t make up your mind? We’re now offering a “dual-boot” option on our Windows 7 notebooks and desktops that allow you to go back and forth between two operating systems (Windows 7 and 10) – with prices as low as $399!

Save a Bundle on Quality Pre-Owned Systems & Notebooks with Windows 7!
Check out our Pre-Owned Systems & Notebooks Page for the latest additions to our line-up! These units are completely refurbished, tested, inspected and ready-to-go! For as little as $129.95 you could get a quality, pre-owned Windows 7 PC for the kids, the folks or yourself! Need a Windows XP computer? We can do that! Prices generally range from $89 – $159. We have a few available and can put a unit together to meet your needs in just a few days!


Save a Bundle on Service – With Fast Turn-Around Time!
Tired of Big Box Stores quoting you ridiculous, astronomical repair rates and telling you “It’s cheaper to buy a new computer” and “it will take 2-3 weeks to get it repaired”? Don’t believe it! You can get notebook computer repairs done fast – and for incredibly low prices – at ProTech Computers! Check out these rates – this is parts AND labor – complete! (sales tax not inc)

BROKEN LCD SCREEN REPLACEMENT – $139.95 OR LESS** and only 1-2 days!*   (does not apply to touchscreens – call for quote)

DEAD MOTHERBOARD REPAIR or REPLACEMENT – $249.95 OR LESS** and only 5-7 days!*

DEAD/DYING HARD DRIVE REPLACEMENT & RELOAD – $159.95 OR LESS** and only 3-4 days!*

BROKEN HINGE REPAIR – $99.95 OR LESS** and only 4-5 days!*

BURNT-OUT BACKLIGHT/INVERTER REPLACEMENT – $75.00 OR LESS** and only 2-3 days!* (dim screen)

DC JACK REPLACEMENT/REPAIR – $89.95 OR LESS** and only 3-4 days!* (includes new DC jack & free dust removal).

All these are done in-house and guaranteed for 90 days! No need to ship your laptop or parts out and wait weeks for repairs!
* Some turn-around times will be longer where special parts need to be ordered and shipped from overseas.
** On most makes or models. Some rare models or unique parts are slightly more.

Is Your Computer Infected? You May be Able to Clean it Yourself – for FREE!
There are many rogue anti-virus programs (aka “scareware”, “fraudware”, “crimeware”, etc) that will tell you you’re very infected and you need to buy or download or activate their software (don’t do it!). These infections need to be removed immediately! We provide clean-up services for a reasonable fee, but there’s a good chance you can remove the infection yourself with two FREE clean-up utilities you can download HERE!

ProTech Computers Brings You a Combined 50 Years of Computer Experience in a Family-Owned, Professional Environment!
Staffed by a mature, professional team that understands not all computer owners are computer-savvy! We are committed to providing friendly, patient, competent service for all comers from the computer expert to the beginners and end-users who may not know how their computer works, but know that it’s not working right!. We’re also committed to charging down-to-earth prices! Check out our service rates and see how you could save up to 50% – or more – over big-box retailer rates!

Recycle Your Old Computer Here!
We recycle old computers to spare our landfills from unnecessary waste! Simply bring your old, working (or semi-working!) computers, computer parts, or monitors that you no longer want to our store during normal business hours! We will remove the hard drives and wipe them clean for FREE! We also accept obsolete, very old and very broken computers, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, microwave ovens, monitors, copiers and printers for actual materials recycling. We do request a $5 donation to recycle non-working CRT monitors & TVs (maximum size 32″ – no consoles, please).



To provide high quality computer parts, systems, service and accessories to our customers at everyday low prices! No crazy sales – just every day rock-solid quality at great prices with great support!


  • Sales of New & Used Desktop & Notebook Computers, Computer Parts, Accessories and Cables.
  • On-Site (very limited) & Carry-In Service of Desktop and Notebook PCs: Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware, Diagnostic, Repair and Upgrades.