Infected Computer?!

Awesome Tools You Can Use to Clean Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, etc. – Off Your PC!


ProTech Computers does not warrant that the use of these utilities will fix your problem! While we have had great success using them on systems infected for only a day or two – they may not work for you.


Download the installers for Combofix (Windows 7 & earlier), ADWCleaner and MBAM – three awesome clean-up utilities – to your computer (see download links below).

Once done downloading, run them. For best results – and to avoid hassles from the rogue programs – do this in SAFE MODE with Networking (See below if not familiar with safe mode). Run Combofix first (if you have Windows 7 or earlier), then ADWCleaner, then install and run MBAM. COMBOFIX and ADWCleaner will just run right from the installer. It may want to update itself – let it. While running them don’t do anything else. For MBAM,  update first then run a full scan and let it remove anything it finds.

Watch closely what these programs tell you they found. Things like Rootkits, Trojans, Worms and “Rogue” Programs are serious, while things like cookies and adware are not as damaging, but still should be removed.

You may have to run them more than once and should definitely update them and run them once more for good measure! Please note: if you run these and nothing happens (no program launches) your PC has a very serious infection that will probably require a professional wipe and reload of the operating system to recover. If you have a recovery partition or recovery disks you can do this yourself. Back up any data first!

Good Luck! If these don’t help you we’ll clean up your computer for $75. Typical clean-up turn-around time is 3-4business days but can vary depending on how busy we are.

NOTE: When running Combofix on Windows Vista or Windows 7 be sure to right-click on the icon and choose “run as administrator”.

These links will take you to a download page on our favorite website – Once there, click on the link under “Download Locations” for the download to start. Do NOT click on the big green “Download Now” button a little lower down and to the right. 

Go to Majorgeeks to Download COMBOFIX

Go to Majorgeeks to Download ADWCleaner

Go to Majorgeeks to Download MBAM


We also recommend the use of Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows 7 users) and Windows Defender (for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 users) to keep your computer clean. Microsoft Security Essentials needs to be downloaded and installed on Windows 7 PCs. Windows Defender is already on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 PCs. They are free for personal use only.

To download the Microsoft Security Essentials installer now, CLICK HERE.

Once you download it, run the installation and update it completely. You only need it to scan your computer once in a while – we don’t recommend the scan every day option unless you have a public or large-group shared computer.

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What is SAFE MODE? (And Safe Mode with Networking)

“Safe Mode” is a special mode that you can run Windows in. When you boot up to Safe Mode very few – if any – third party programs or device drivers are loaded. In “Safe Mode with Networking” hardwire LAN internet connections are active (and some WiFi – but not in most cases) giving you access to the Internet and update services for your clean-up programs. To boot up into Safe Mode (XP, 7) just start toggling the F8 key right after turning your computer on (about every second or so) and a menu will pop up (the “Advanced Boot Menu”) that will let you choose how you want Windows to boot up. Cursor up and select Safe Mode with Networking and press ENTER. After much text and waiting you will get the LOG-IN screen. Select your user and you will come to your desktop in a simpler format – able to run most programs – including Combofix and the MBAM installer and clean-up program. The clean-up utilities will have a better chance of defeating the infection because in safe mode the infection program (usually) isn’t running and can’t block your actions or crash your computer – or has reduced capability to interfere. For Windows 10 to get to Safe Mode is a bit more complicated. We provide this link to a page on Microsoft’s website describing various methods: CLICK HERE!  And Windows 8.1 folks can check this webpage out: CLICK HERE!

NOTE: Some infections will cause your computer to crash or reboot if you try to go into safe mode. In that case try to run the utilities from regular mode. If this fails you will have to bring your computer in for clean-up or consider using your system recovery options to reload your computer back to original factory settings – thus wiping out all infections. (be careful, this also wipes out all your personally-installed programs, customizations and data!!)

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